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Why should I join LeTip of Orange?


  • Build your business by meeting weekly with other professionals in the community who can then use or refer your service, product or business to qualified prospects.
  • Provide others with quality referrals outside your area of expertise.
  • Business categories are limited to one member in each LeTip chapter. (For example: only one electrician or one financial advisor is allowed in each chapter.) This allows members to exclusively promote their specialty.
  • Learn the professional skills necessary to help promote your business.
  • Create an entire sales force of dedicated business people without the overhead

Membership Requirements

  • Open to professionals, business owners, executives, managers and sales people.
  • Weekly Meeting Attendance
  • Annual Membership Fee
  • Quarterly dues
  • Follow up on all business tips.
  • Refer business Tips to other members.
  • Present and promote your business in a 30 second spoken “commercial” during weekly meetings.
  • Provide your business cards to other  LeTip members. Introduce LeTip to other prospective members.  

Let LeTip of Orange help you put Dollars in your Pocket!TM

 Put LeTip into your Business Calendar Today! 

Meeting Time and Location


Every Wednesday



7:01 – 8:16 (arrive 15 mins early to network)


Highway 39 Event Center, 1563 S State College Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92806

Don’t forget to bring your business cards!


Highway 39 Event Center, 1563 S State College Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92806